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The creation or change of a Web Site, Web App, Mobile App or Application Software, all encompass the term 'Software Development'. The Software Development Process is made up of multiple stages such as the initial Design and final Testing.

To maximise your Profits, each of these stages must be as efficient as possible. Hold-ups or inefficiencies in one or more of these stages (no matter how small), can amount to a significant delay in the final delivery to the Customer. That in turn, can result in a delay in you receiving Payment or the getting any return on your Development Costs.

That is where we can help!

Our Quality Assurance Managers can troubleshoot problem areas such as:

  • Design flaws
  • Vague or ambiguous Specification Documents
  • Existing functionality changed by newer Code changes
  • Source Code maintenance problems causing functionality to be removed in subsequent Release Version(s)
  • Code changes not as detailed in Specification Documents
  • Inadequate Testing
  • Release Documentation not understood by the User
  • Missing User Manuals
  • User Training not directed at the User Groups' ability and / or job function
  • General poor Organisation / Resource Management

Not sure where your problems lie?

Alternatively, our expert Consultants can analyse your Business Process from start to finish and provide you with written recommendations. If you later require, we can provide you with Consultants that will work you to resolve the problems found (or any known problems).


In this economic climate, every Company wants to get value for money and an efficient Business Process is more likely to show a good return on investment. However, when you have been working for a Company for a long time, it is not always easy to see where any problems lie or where any improvements could be made. That is where, an outside un-biased opinion is worth its' weight in gold!

Our QA Consultants can help with this. For a fixed price, we can review your Business Process and provide you with documentation, detailing any problem areas and suggestions for improvements.


Software Design is the most fundamental part of the QA Process and and as such, you must always ensure that is:

  • Covers the Customer's Business Requirement
  • Is intuitive and easy to Use
  • Is possible using the Development Tools that are available

Specification Documents are a major part of the Design process. They must be clear and precise. It is important that they are not ambiguous in any way, as misinterpretted requirements will lead to major Design flaws and hours of code re-working.

Sometimes, all that is needed is for someone to read the document for you and provide you with unbiased opinion. We can do that for you! We always provide a written report with substantiated opinions.

Our Testing Consultants can also generate initial User and End-To-End Test Scenarios for you. Building these Scenarios at this early stage can sometimes highlight major Design flaws or a need to change a current Business Process. Find out more...

If you are struggling at the first hurdle, and cannot translate your Business Requirement into 'Developer speak', we can help with that too. Our Technical Authoring Consultants can transform your Requirement into a Technical Specification Document. Find out more...


The next most important part of the QA Process, is the Software Development. This is the area that loses the Project momentum. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Developers misunderstand the Specification
  • Developers are poorly time managed and progress is not monitored
  • Code changes inadvertently change existing functionality
  • Source Code management mistakes lead to functionality being removed from the current / subsequent Releases

How can we help?

We can work with your Development Manager to improve your Development Process. As with the Design phase, our 'fresh pair of eyes' can sometimes spot a small easy to implement change to your process that can save hours of re-work & thousands of pounds in lost revenue!


Every Customer paying for new Software Package / Functionality wants to put that Software into 'LIVE' use as soon as they receive it. In reality, it never works that way! In fact, it's often only Implemented after a a small few iterations not even close!


A badly organised Team and / or Team members that do not work well together do not produce well written Software.

Sometimes, all that is needed is an un-biased outsider, to re-structure and resolve personality clashes.

Our Project Managers can help! Find out more...


Problems in the Development Process, often force Companies to reduce the time allocated to good quality Software Testing.

Because, these days there's often a penalty clause in a Contract for late delivery, Software is rushed out of the door inadequately tested. This is a 'quick fix' approach, as Software problems almost always raise their heads sooner or later. Sooner, can mean the Customer doesn't pay that 'pay on delivery' remaining chunk of cash. Later, can mean paying your Customer thousands in loss of earnings penalties.

One easy way to improve your Testing quality, is to document and generate Test Scenarios at the following levels:

  • User Interface Level (i.e. does a button perform the correct function when clicked?)
  • Functionality Level (i.e. is a new Customer created in the 'New Customer' Screen?)
  • End-to-end Level (i.e. can a new Customer be created, an Address added, an Order for 300 Widgets be created and Invoiced successfully?)
  • Interface Level (i.e. can the Invoice be correctly posted to the Accounts System's Sales Ledger?)

We can provide you with documented Test Scenarios, that can repeated for each Iteration / Release of the Software, thus ensuring that you are performing the same regression tests each time.


There is nothing worse than incomplete Release Documentation or Documentation that includes so much IT jargon, that the User just cannot follow it.

The Customer's perception of how good a Software Release is, is almost always based on the reactions of their User base. This means that clear and easy to follow Release Documentation is paramount.

However, Release Documentation is quite often scrimped on, when time constraints are tight. Again, this is where we can help you to succeed! Our Technical Authoring Consultants can understand your Release functionality and produce you Release Documentation that the User will feel happy to read. Find out more...


As mentioned above, the User's perception to whether functionality is present and bugs have been fixed, is paramount in a Software Release. One way to ensure that they understood the Release's capabilities, is to provide them with Training (and Training Manuals for large functionality changes).

We can help!

Our Training Consultants will work with your Key Users to understand your Business Processes and how the Software Release changes affect and reflect them. As the human brain can only consume so much information in a Training Session, we will also produce superb quality binded User Manuals for the User to take home. Find out more...